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 Deferred Action for childhood arrivals 
 Employment Authorization
 Fee Waiver (For Citizenship, Green Card

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 Foreign Document translation

New Voice Immigration Assistance Service stands in solidarity with targeted people and communities by providing Know Your Rights trainings to those communities as requested, and by sharing a Know Your Rights resource that has been translated into Spanish by the National Lawyers Guild (NLG).

We encourage all immigrant communities to contact us for legal support and education. Please join us in ensuring the rights of all people are respected, particularly in times of political hysteria, fear and ignorance by sharing this training.

Community Education 

Call now : 562-788-7655
10701 Sampson Ave., Lynwood CA 90262

National Immigration Hotline 

New Voice Immigration Assistance Services is located at Lyngate Community Church, in the city of Lynwood. We provide low-cost immigration legal assistance and representation. We may provide the following immigration legal services to eligible persons: 

The National Immigration Detention Hotline is a safe, confidential service offered to people in U.S. immigration detention at no cost to them. The National Immigration Detention Hotline is the nation’s largest immigration detention hotline, connecting immigrants in detention to their families, resources, and abuse documentation support

To volunteer as a Hotline Advocate, you must be willing to dedicate three hours to the hotline per week, among other things. If you are interested in joining us in this role, please call us at 562-788-7655 or email us at .

Visitation / Pen Pal

Legal Services 

The purpose of the visitation program is to build friendships with those subject to the inhumane reality of the immigration system. The goal is to simply be a Friend, have a conversation, and to listen to the stories of the men and woman’s lives that are forever affected by detention.  

We have the names and A#’s of men and woman who would love to hear from you! If you, or your group, are interested in becoming a pen pal please email us at: or call us at: 562-788-7655. Thanks for your interest in volunteering and helping us in ending isolation for people in immigration detention!